"I feel as though I haven't seen an object until I actually start painting it." - Janet Fish

Lotus exemplifies Janet Fish’s interest in light, motion, and lush, saturated color. Well known for her richly executed oil paintings and pastels of glass objects, fruit, and flowers, Janet Fish considers herself a "painterly realist" primarily interested in light, atmosphere and motion, and lush, saturated color, which draw the viewers' eyes so that they never rest on just a single element.

Born into a family of artists in Boston, Fish works in her studios in New York City and in Middletown Springs, Vermont. Her paintings and prints are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Cleveland Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Special Information: 25-color, hand printed screen print edition of 150, numbered and signed by the artist. Printed on Rives BFK paper. Sold unframed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Image Dimensions: 28 ½ x 20 1/4 inches

Paper Dimensions: 35 ½ x 26 1/4 inches

Produced By: Brand X Editions